Full range of rolled steel products and processing services.

STEEL CONSULT has been active on the Romanian metallurgical products market since 2014 as a result of a successful strategic partnership with renowned manufacturers and processors, such as DUTRADE Zrt. Hungary (part of the Dunaferr FDI group), C.L.N. Group, OFFICINE TECNOSIDER Italy or HYUNDAI WELDING South Korea. We aim to offer our internal and external customers a wide range of rolled steel products and their processing services, especially in terms of flat rolled steel products.

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Range of products

Complete services for customers.

STEEL CONSULT focuses on complete customer service to meet their steel needs through seven divisions of our business

Steel products .

We distribute a wide range of metallurgical products.

Cold rolled sheet

0.5-3 mm –DC01-DC05

Galvanized sheets

0.4-2.5 mm -DX51D/DX56D/ S220-350GD Z100-275

Hot rolled sheet

cu grosimi cuprinse intre 1.5-210mm, - S235/S275/S355JR/JO/J2 - P265/P275/P295/P355 GH/NH/NL - DD11-DD14 - S315MC – S700MC

Thick naval sheet

cu grosimi intre 8 – 200mm, latimi pana in 3m, calitati speciale P, B, NL, control ultrasonic E3S3

Welding consumables

electrodes, full wire / tubing for welding


• Cut to length sheet
• Slitting sheet
• Trapezoidal shaped sheet
• Multi Blanking
• Pickled & Oiled
We offer complete solutions for our customers, adapted to their needs and requirements related to consumption and the type of production they carry out.

Renowned European manufacturers such as ISD DUNAFERR, US STEEL Kosice or OFFICINE TECNOSIDER, as well as processing units (Steel Service Center) such as DUTRADE Hungary or CLN Slovakia, with processing capacities of approximately 400,000 tons per year, make our products present with success in the following industries: Automotive, Mechanical, Construction, Naval, Etc.

Complete solutions adapted to the needs
Diversified range of products and services
Steel Service Center
Fast delivery
Leader in the distribution of metallurgical products